How SunGard Banner and Employee Attendance Software Become Integrated

Many higher education facilities employ SunGard Banner software to manage student enrollment, class scheduling and student records. SunGard software offers fast, real time data entry through a web based interface which significantly cuts back on manual data entry and record keeping. While SunGard Banner software does an excellent job of tracking student information, it doesn’t offer features for tracking campus employee time and attendance. In university and college settings with cafeteria staff, janitorial staff, student workers and other hourly employees, employee attendance tracking can become a time consuming and cumbersome task for human resources and payroll.

There is employee time and attendance tracking software available specifically for higher education institutions using SunGard Banner software. This specialized workforce management software is web based and integrates tightly with SunGard’s main database by importing and exporting employee data in real time.

Campuswide Employee Time and Attendance Tracking

Universities and colleges employ many hourly staff across campus to perform a range of duties, from childcare services to technology and computer maintenance. SunGard Banner integrated time and attendance tracking software allows higher education facilities to easily and accurately track attendance of each employee, integrating this data with pay rate, job location and job description. Employees can enter time clock information through a web browser interface on computers, through IP phones or through IP devices. Attendance data, job description and location are automatically uploaded into SunGard Banner’s master database, which can be quickly accessed by human resources and payroll.

Student Worker / Work Study Time Tracking and Job Costing

Tracking job location, job description and pay rates can be especially challenging when it comes to student workers who are working on campus as part of a work study program. Student workers are often employed at multiple locations around campus in different capacities, and different duties are often associated with different pay rates. Tracking student time sheets with all these variables can be time consuming and error prone. By integrating time tracking software into student worker activities, student worker time and attendance, job description, job location and pay scale are automatically recorded. This allows human resources to keep more accurate records of work study positions, which is crucial for federally funded positions.

By integrating attendance software into student worker activities, student worker time and attendance, job description, job location and pay scale are automatically recorded. This allows human resources to keep more accurate records of work study positions, which is crucial for federally funded positions.

Select a Web Hosting Provider before Launching a Website

Now that you have completed the website and are launch it on the Internet, you need to consider two main questions. First – where you will host your new site and what will be your domain name?To start with the first thing- the Web Hosts. A Web Hosting Provider is a group that provides you with server space on the web for your web site. The space that is allotted to your website includes all your web pages, graphics, scripts and files, databases etc. The web host is the link between the browser and your website. When your web address is typed into a browser, the web host is the first to be contacted and requested to locate and display the requested page.You can find a number of free web hosting provider and services on the internet. However, if in case you are planning to create a website with a business purpose in mind, then go for professionals web hosting provider instead of the free web hosting services. These professional web hosting provider ensure more credibility since web sites hosted on free servers are not taken seriously and suffer a serious loss of business due to varied reasons. Unfortunately, for those of us who are on shoe-string budgets that rely on free servers are not taken seriously and can lose business. In order to establish credibility, you must be willing to invest in a professional web hosting service.While selecting your web hosting provider, do some research about the web hosting company as to how many customers do they serve, their uptime percentage visitors, set up fees, do they offer secure servers etc. Make sure you do your homework efficiently and ensure that the web hosting providers you select for your self offer exactly what you need for your website.Apart from selecting your web hosting provider, a domain name is as important to select. It is used to relate the particular web site on the web and is that part of the URL that basically instructs the web browser to find a particular page from the search engine content. It is important in the sense that it has to create a brand among the consumers, and it should signify what your business is all about. A good domain name is one that will be easily remembered by the visitors, as it relates to something they are interested in.Each of them has the same data base that contains all the domain names that have been already registered. You can register your domain name with any one of them. There are many companies available online that will help you out to register a domain name for your website and are efficient web hosting provider.

Payday Loan Cushion

Personally I have no problem with payday loans and I will tell you why I think they are not only worth it to many people but why I agree with the high risk that goes with them. If you need are looking into getting a payday loan or have in the past than you understand the need for instant finances, whether you have them or not. We all make the choice where we put our money and if the best option is the payday loan companies than you should be fully aware of what you are doing when you receive your cash advance. If people are okay with paying high interest rates and possible rolling the loan over that is their choice. It is up to the individual how to spend their money, but I agree the small print could at least be in 12pt font.Payday loan companies are geared towards individuals who need money now, no matter what the cost is or the consequence they are looking to achieve cash as quick as possible. Payday loans are great for the one time short financial cushion if you have the means to pay it back in time. Some people find themselves in a situation where they need ” X” amount of dollars but cannot get the cash fast enough. If the service is used correctly it can help individuals who need a little bit of cash fast. If you understand the consequences of the loan if not paid off in time and can afford to pay it off quickly and factor in the high interest rate than all power to you.The American financial institution is set up to reward the consumers that make payments on time, pay all of their bills, and are financially responsible. However, if you are missing payments and your bank account has as much meaning as the Matrix Trilogies then you deserve what you get. Payday loans do not check your history as much as a conventional loan company would therefore they are taking a very high risk with you. If they are taking on high risk clients they will have high risk dynamics installed to help keep them in business. Don’t forget that there are a lot of payday loan scams out there as well so be smart about where you are getting money from and the company is reputable.Companies need to be clear about the charges and laws should be implemented and followed in all states to help control the consumer from accruing a ridiculous amount of debt. However, a child cannot walk into a payday loans office and walk out with $500, but an adult can. It is your choice on how to use your money and what financial sacrifices you need to make in your life. For some people the payday loan industry has been helpful, but for those who use it unwisely and do not do any research than tough luck.Understand where you money goes and how to make it work for you. If you need help than look into community classes at local colleges or adult centers that can help you get into control of your finances. Be smart with your money, a good credit score is important, especially if you find yourself in a situation where you need cash fast. Negotiate with creditors, try to get on a payment plan, there are many things you can do if payday loan is not a good choice for you. Be an adult about your money and where it is going. Even if the small print is minute get a magnifying glass and read it.

Employment Law – Tribunal Error – Unfair Dismissal – Breach of Contract – Bad Employee History

The case of Woodland v MPI Ltd [2007,] concerned an employee who was the manager of a branch of recruitment consultants. In 1993, the employee’s responsibility for dealing with cash and signing cheques was removed from him when he was disciplined for theft from his employer. Following this incident in 1997, allegations of sexual harassment were made by a job applicant who had been interviewed by the employee. Then in 2001, despite the previous problems, the employee was made a director of the employer, having decided that the manager of each branch should become a director.His contract of employment specified that he was entitled to a notice period of one year. A number of years later the employee was summarily dismissed following disciplinary proceedings in respect of various matters. The matters in question included failures of performance in relation to his branch and for taking unauthorised leave. The employee brought proceedings against the employer alleging that he had been unfairly dismissed and breach of contract.The employment tribunal found in favour of the employee holding that an instant dismissal had not been within the band of reasonable responses that his employer could have acted under and that dismissal with notice would have been a more reasonable response. The tribunal went on to find that as the employer was not entitled to terminate the employee’s contract without notice, his claim for breach of contract was successful.The employer subsequently appealed against that decision to the Employment Appeals Tribunal. The employer argued the following that:§ The tribunal had erred in law in finding the dismissal to be unfair on the basis that although it would have been fair to dismiss for incapability on notice, it was not fair to do so summarily; and§ The tribunal had erred by confusing unfair dismissal with breach of contract. It had failed to consider whether summary dismissal was justified under the contract of employment.The appeal was allowed on the following basis:-An established principle of law relating to unfair dismissal states that whether the dismissal was summary or on notice was irrelevant to the issue of the fairness of the dismissal. The only situation where there was an exception was where it might have a bearing on the credibility of any witnesses. In a regular unfair dismissal claim which did not involve any question of automatic unfair dismissal, the tribunal had to first decide
what was the reason for the dismissal?
if a reason was identified, did it fall within s.98(1)(b) of the Employment Relations Act 1996 (“the Act”).If a reason was identified and the tribunal concluded that that reason fell within s.98(1)(b), then the tribunal had to go on to consider whether it had been reasonable to treat that reason as a sufficient reason for dismissing the employee, in accordance with s.98(4) of the Act.
If it would not have been reasonable to dismiss the employee on those grounds, the dismissal would be deemed unfair. However, whether the dismissal was summary or on notice was not a consideration which entered into the framework of statutory consideration.
In this case, the tribunal ought to have applied the principles established in the relevant precedents found in case law.Furthermore, having reached the conclusion that it was reasonable and fair to dismiss, the tribunal should have found the dismissal to have been fair irrespective of the fact that they believed the dismissal should have been on notice and not summary.
Therefore the finding of unfair dismissal could not stand. The factual conclusions of the tribunal were such that the dismissal ought to have been unanimously held to have been fair.
With regards to the breach of contract claim, the tribunal had not considered:-
whether the employee’s inability to manage his branch successfully and to produce the desired result amounted to wilful neglect of his duties under his contract
whether it amounted to persistent breach (or otherwise) in the discharge of his duties
whether the holiday events amounted to a grave misconduct or wilful neglect
whether the earlier history proved not only a breach of the express terms, but amounted to destruction of, or serious damage to, trust and confidence between employer and employee.
In failing to consider these factors, it was held that the tribunal had erred in law.If you require further information please contact us at [email protected] or Visit© RT COOPERS, 2007. This Briefing Note does not provide a comprehensive or complete statement of the law relating to the issues discussed nor does it constitute legal advice. It is intended only to highlight general issues. Specialist legal advice should always be sought in relation to particular circumstances.